Sutherland Springs

My heart is breaking this morning for the residents of Sutherland Springs. For a congregation of 50 to lose 26 people by gunfire during the worship service is a blow that is on par with Job’s loss. Today, children, parents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters are waking to a new reality as they come to grips with the death of their loved ones who died in midst of worship.

The questions of motive and gun rights and terrorism will all be asked in the days and weeks to come, but today is time for prayer, grief, and grace. And so we pray:

Creator and Sustainor, our hearts are breaking as we think of the families and communities that have been shattered by this act of terrorism. Be present with Pastor Pomeroy, grant him comfort in his grief and wisdom as ministers with people he loves. Be the mother with the motherless, the baby to the bereft parent, the husband to the new widow. Gather your people as agents of grace this day.

Thank you for the promise of the Comforter who will walk with us through grief. May we be your agents of peace. Keep us from the temptation of believing that power will defeat evil and keep us focused on Jesus, who despite the power available to him, endured the cross that he might show us a new to live.

In the name of Prince of Peace, Jesus the Christ, we pray,