March 17, 2020

Steve Garnaas-Holmes
In the one Spirit we were all baptized into one body
—1 Corinthians 12.13

Our social distancing is an illusion.
We are one. There is no distance. No gap.
Isolated in your apartment, you belong.

You breathe and it fills my lungs.
You weep and my heart is broken.
We are one body in many places.

In this time of separation we open our hearts,
we allow ourselves to flow out from our bodies
in Spirit to one another, to the strangers

who are part of us. Like the Italians
singing from their balconies with neighbors,
we are all notes of the same song.

Love flows where germs cannot. Meditate
on our amazing unity. Extend your spirit
to include all it includes: the whole world.

Breathe in this breath (so threatened!), a gift.
Breathe out this breath (so released!), a gift.
Let compassion for all beings flow with it,

in and out, refreshing your whole body,
the Body of Christ, the whole human family,
the whole Creation. Let love be our body.

Let your love take flesh. Make calls.
Write letters. And when you come back out
don’t stop being one another’s body. It’s your life.

These thoughts remind us that we are one. As we journey through this time of forced quiet for some and frenetic activity for others, let us lean upon one another, pray for one another, serve one another, and love one another. 

Pastor Doug

Prayer Requests

Christina Main asks that we pray for Pennypack Baptist Church. The church was burglarized on Saturday.
I ask that you pray for my son and daughter-in-law and kids as they seek a safe living arrangement.

Pray for those who are already feeling the burden of isolation. 

If you have prayer requests, please call either 267-981-1261 or 215-675-8400 and leave a message if no one answers. 

How do I do this online giving thing?

I have heard several people ask this and I love hearing the question, it means we are thinking about our stewardship.

For this time, we have streamlined our giving portal. To give online, you can click on this link.

  • If you wish, you can create an account, this is not necessary, but will streamline you future giving.
  • Fill in your name and address with an email address. If you wish you can include your phone number you may.
  • Indicate the amount of your gift. In the comments section you can identify any special directions for your gift.
  • Indicate your payment method and provide the needed information.
  • Check the authorization box and complete the matching security line. 
  • And you are done. 

Thank you for continuing to support the Work of the Lord through Hatboro Baptist Church.

~ Pastor Doug Stratton