Kindness Rocks Project

Kindness Rocks Project

As I was scanning the headlines from the BBC today, what I read made me anxious. “Quake Devastates Primary School; Spain Increases Raids to Stop Vote; Maria Makes Landfall in Puerto Rico; Trumps ‘Hate Speech” Criticized; Second Uncle Held for India Child Rape; Anger as Brazilian Judge Backs ‘Gay Cure’; and Two More Arrested Over Tube Bomb Attack. And that is just the headlines for one morning.

As I read these headlines, I received a note from our Children’s Ministry Director.She is inviting the church members to join the children in the “Kindness Rocks Project” ( KRP is  a very simply idea. Find a rock, Paint the rock. Put a message of encouragement on the rock. Then hide the rock for someone to find. It is simple, but I gotta’ tell you, when I went outside and found a “Love Rocks” rock, it changed my spirit! This simple witness “Believe!” stopped me in my tracks and opened my eyes to God at work around me. I came back into the office, took a picture of the rock and posted it with the hashtag #paloverocks. I will hide it again, but for now I will keep it on my desk for a few moments and let God love me through this simple act of kindness.

In the midst of Earthquakes, storms, politics and deeply hurting people, a simple rock that encourages me to believe is a pretty cool thing. Consider hanging around on Sunday Oct 1 and create your own Kindness Rocks to share with your community.

Pastor Doug Stratton

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