Impact of Brokenness

The Impact of Brokenness

Puerto Rico; Houston; the Florida Keys; Cuba; Mexico City; Fires in California, Washington, Oregon and other states. We recognize these disasters. But what about Zimbabwe (100+ dead in a cyclone+), China (144 dead in flooding), Peru (150 dead in flooding), Afghanistan (154 dead in heavy snows), Republic of Congo (174 dead, 280 children left as orphans in a landslide in August), Sri Lanka (453 dead from monsoon and mosquito born disease following the storm), Columbia (at least 300 dead following a landslide), Sierra Leone (more than 600 killed in a landslide) and South Asia (more than 1200 dead from Monsoon rains necessitating 2,000 relief camps).

We live in a world that is wracked by the effect of sin. In fact, brokenness is the common denominator for human beings. No matter who we are, we are affected by the devastating impact of brokenness.

The scriptures are all clear, we have all sinned, no one is righteous, we all need salvation. But Paul went even further, he said, “When one part of the body suffers, we all suffer with it.” I think he was saying none are saved and made whole, until all are whole.

If that is true, the anguish that our brothers and sisters are experiencing in our nation and around the world, is our anguish as well.

So how can we help address the brokenness of men and women all around the world?

  1. We can pray for those whose lives are torn apart by circumstances beyond their control
  2. We can go to help whenever it is possible. It may be impossible to go to Sri Lanka, but maybe we can go to Puerto Rico, or Houston, or even Kensington to share God’s love.
  3. We can give sacrificially to bring relief to those whose lives have been shattered. One Great Hour of Sharing is establishing long term plans for relief among US Citizens.  (Read more…)
  4. We can learn about the causes of these disasters and call for changes. Mud slides are related to farming techniques, the severity of hurricanes and monsoons relate to warming oceans. Are there steps we can encourage to mitigate these circumstances?
  5. We can stand with and listen to those who have been victims of disasters. Next to the power of prayer, this may be the most helpful thing we can do.

May God lead us as we seek to share his Love locally and around the world. 

Pastor Doug Stratton

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