Hurricane Harvey Support

The news today is filled with heartbreaking pictures of destruction and loss in Texas as a result of the historic flooding from Hurricane Harvey and it’s accompanying rains. As of August 30, at least 30 people are confirmed or suspected dead. The loss of property and the trauma of homelessness is impacting every resident in some way. To get a sense of the volume of rain that has fallen on the region, understand that it takes 9 months for the same volume to fall from the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara. It has been predicted that relief and rebuilding efforts will last for more than a decade.
The questions that has been asked most frequently is “How can I help?” There are a number of ways you can reach out.
1. Most importantly, we must pray for the region, for the spiritual leaders, for the political leaders and for each neighborhood as they come to terms with the loss and cost. Pray that God will open hearts to the hope that Jesus can offer and that churches will clearly demonstrate the love of Christ to all who are in need. 
2. You can give to relief efforts through “One Great Hour of Sharing – Harvey” at our website. 100% of your donation will go to relief efforts now and in the future. 
3. There will be a chance to join relief teams from our American Baptist Region. Details have not yet been put in place, but there will be a number of opportunities to be involved.
4. While there have been offers of supplies and clothing to send to Texas, at this moment, monetary donations are by far the most helpful.
5. Participate in a volunteer opportunity to help the residents of Houston impacted by hurricane Harvey through Hands in Service (HIS). This organization receives new donated products from generous corporations.  Volunteers help repackage the items. HIS is currently preparing items that will be delivered by truck to Texas. The truck leaves on Sept. 11th.
Who: Anyone 12 yrs or older can join us!
When: Sat. Sept. 9 from 1:00 – 3:30 ( please arrive by 12:45)
Where: 125 Titus Ave., Warrington, PA
Donations of disposable diapers and powdered baby formula with an expiration date later than Jan. 9, 2018 are greatly needed. In order to know how many will be coming, please sign up in the Narthex after church this Sunday or call the church office.
Thank you for your continued prayers and generous hearts. 
Pastor Doug
Photos Credit: NPR and CNN